Klaus Pichler: Golden Days

Opening 7 September at 7PM

7. September – 6 October 2017

The Solo Exhibition, Golden Days by Klaus Pichler is the result of a long-term project which the photographer conducted together with the writer Clemens Marschall. The duo were for four years systematically searching for as well as documenting and researching Vienna's vanishing inns, bars and Branntweiner (small drinking venues that open early in the morning) – or as their regulars call them – dens, which due to the effects of urbanization and restrictions are one after another closing their doors. These places, usually hidden for uninvited guests, represent a parallel universe and the last resort for social outsiders. Most customers come here for one purpose only - to get drunk and they often succumb to the consequences of excessive alcohol drinking, often drinking themselves to death. With approval from bar owners and their guests they made their infiltration and the authentic view from the inside possible, and the authors documented their everyday live. Pichler took photos of the guests, their daily routine and all the drama that everyday alcoholic intoxication carries with it. The visual and textual material Pichler and Marschall also presented in their book, Golden Days Before They End which was published by the renowned Swiss publisher Edition Patrick Frey.

Klaus Pichler (b 1977) acts as an independent photographer who in his authorial work develops long-term projects in which he focuses on hidden aspects of daily live. Pichler's work has been imbued with a bitter-sweet humour which has its origin in the author’s sense for self-irony and tragic-comical as well as in his ability of putting himself into the shoes of the subject matter. The author has presented his work at numerous group and solo exhibitions in Austria and around the world and has won numerous awards. He has exhibited within international photography festivals, including Voies Off des Rencontres d’Arles in France and at Delhi Photo Festival in India. He has published 8 photo books and single photos have been published in world newspapers and photo magazines, e.g. in the British Journal of Photography, Camera Austria, Der Greif, Der Standard, EIKON, New York Times, Slate Magazine, The New Yorker, VICE, WIRED and in many more. He lives and works in Vienna.