Paula Muhr, Etat Normal, 2009

Beyond Myself. Self-portrait in the time of social media

Opening 30 March 2018 at 19h
30. 3. – 18. 5. 2018

In the Beyond Myself exhibition project, we are concerned with the question of the relevance of the self-portrait as an artistic motif in the digital age. A self-portrait is of particular interest to us as an auto-reflexive artistic statement, through which an artist can explore oneself and his/her attitude towards the society in which s/he lives. The selection of artists and works gives an insight into this genre, which in the modern times still enables self-inquiry and self-reflection ...

Participating artists:
Uroš Djurić, G.R.A.M., Dušan Kochol, Paula Muhr, Primož Novak and Nika Oblak, Evelyn Stermitz, Tomaž Tomažin

Curators: Dejan Sluga & Metka Zupanič