Photon Gallery

About Us

Photon Gallery was established in 2003 in order to present and promote the artists from the Central and especially Southeast Europe, who are in particular engaged in the field of contemporary art photography. A special attention is paid to the international activity of the Photon Gallery. Therefore we’ve established program collaboration with some of European photo galleries, organizations and festivals; we also increasingly participate at international art fairs.

In terms of international activity, special mention should be made of the establishment of our own Photo Festival (first edition in 2005). In last three editions, Festival Photonic Moments – Month of Photography encompassed a yearly average of 30 exhibitions as well as related events, such as symposium entitled Discussions on Contemporary Photography etc. We also grant the »Photo Exhibition of the Year« award.

In 2006 we’ve introduced an additional program, consisting of presentation of contemporary video art. Video in progress presents a main video program, which has been organized in the collaboration with the Kolektiva group since 2006. Video will remain strong in the program of Photon Gallery, even more – in near future we will launch a special venue, intended for broader engaging with video art.