Roberto Kusterle

It has been said and written already that Roberto Kusterle is not only a photographer, but we should repeat it once again while presenting his new work, in perfect harmony with his very personal and peculiar style. It requires the meticulous observation of nature and the establishment of a dialogue with its elements and in this particular case, stone. He appropriates all these esthetic and perceptive values using them to serve his stardust creativity, transferring them on nude bodies and on his models’ skins, adapting to the materials they are wearing, to form a single entity. What is real and what is fake, or better, “artifact”? Ambiguity forces us to walk on a string, hanging in the balance between doubt and certainty, between imagination and representation, but we are more than happy to do so because it is precisely this “mélange” between realism and visionarism that represents, deeply, the secret of his silent and mysterious art. (from the text of Guido Cecere)
Roberto Kusterle was born in 1948 at Gorizia, where he lives and works. He is self-taught; in the 70s he started working in the art world, producing paintings and installations. His love for photography started in 1988 and over the years this has become his main means of expression. His photographs are included in over twenty publications and in 2006 he received an award for the best photographic exhibition in Slovenia at the Ljubljana Mesec Fotografije. He lives and works in Gorizia.

Selected solo exhibitions:

2012: Nemesis, Scalone Vanvitelliano, Pesaro;
2012: Mutabiles Nymphae, mc2 gallery, Milano;
2012: Segni di pietra, Palazzo Tadea, Spilimbergo (Pordenone);
2012: Segni di pietra, Studiofaganel, Gorizia;
2012: Mutabiles Nymphae, Acquario civico, Milano
2011: Silent Mutation, Garden of the Zodiac Gallery, Omaha (USA);
2011: Mutabiles Nymphae, Galerie Antonio Nardone, Bruxelles;
2011: Mutabiles Nymphae, OltreDimore, Bologna
2010: Mutabiles Nimphae, Mestna Galerija (Nova Gorica, Slovenia)
2010: Neither time nor place, Galleria Weber e Weber (Torino)
2009: Anakronos, Cankarjev dom (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
2009: Anakronos, MC2 Gallery (Milano)
2009: A silent mutation, Wook Lattuada (New York)
2009: A silent mutation, Galerija Sodobne Umetnosti (Celje, Slovenia)
2009: A silent mutation, “La Castella” Visual Arts Centre (Motta di Livenza)
2008: Soul Zoo, ArtMbassy (Berlin, Germany)
2007: Neither time nor place, Koroška Galerija Likovnih Umetnosti (Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia
2007: Body rites, Fotogalerija Stolp (Maribor, Slovenia)
2007: Body rites, Triestèfotografia (Trieste)
2007: Anakronos, Palazzo Ghiffa exhibition hall (Ghiffa)
2006: Out of time, Lattuada Contemporary Art Studio (Milan)
2006: Mirrored bodies, Casa Morassi (Gorizia)
2005: The wings of this world, Carbonari Salon, Town Hall (Seriate, Bergamo)
2005: Ανα-χρονος, Out of time, Mestna Galerija (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
2005: (in)contemporanea, Verdi Theatre (Gorizia)
2005: Ανα-χρονος, Out of time, Pilonova Galerija (Ajdovščina, Slovenia)
2003: Body rites, Sala Fenice (Trieste)
2003: “Another” physiognomy, Fotogalerie des Rathauses (Graz, Austria)
2003: Animal relics – Ironic infernos, Spazio Antonino Paraggi (Treviso)
2002: Nature in pose, Olim (Bergamo)
2000: Ipogeios, Villa Manin di Passariano (Udine)
2000: Phoptografien, Arbeitsgerichtsverein (Marburg, Germany);
1999: Transustanziazioni, Pilonova Galerija (Ajdovščina, Slovenia)
1999: Photographs, Artestudio Clocchiatti (Udine)
1999: Metamorphisms, Miela Theatre (Trieste)
1998: Photographic works, Grigoletti Art Centre (Pordenone)
1998: Samaed, Libreria Equilibri (Gorizia)
1997: Photographs, 3 points of view, Galleria Sagittaria (Pordenone)
1996: Photographs, Top Gallery (Mariano, Gorizia)
1996: Photographs, De Pellegrin Exhibition Space (Riva del Garda)
1996: Photographs, Photography Museum (Brescia)
1995: Photographs, Galleria Acta International (Rome)
1993: Photographs, “Luigi Spazzapan” Regional Contemporary Art Gallery (Gradisca d’Isonzo)
1988: Photographs, Municipal Photography Gallery (Fogliano Redipuglia).

Selected group exhibitions:

2012: Artefiera, Bologna;
2012: Off Art Fair, La Bourse, Bruxelles;
2012: …E Bellezza Sia, Fondazione 107, Torino;
2012: MIA, SuperstudioPiù, Milano;
2012: Idrografie, Ex Convento S.Francesco, Pordenone;
2012: Artinbosco, Boldara di Gruaro (Venezia);
2012: Il mio carso, Magazzino delle idee, Trieste
2011: Fotografare la luce, Palazzo Frisacco, Tolmezzo (Udine);
2011: Madridfoto, Madrid;
2011: The road to contemporary, Roma;
2011: Lucca Photo Digital festival, Lucca;
2011: SH Contemporary, Shanghai;
2011: Art Verona, Verona;
2011: Wunderkammer, Cabinet de curiosités contemporain – Hedendaags curiositeiten kabinet, Le Botanique, Bruxelles;
2011: Punto Fermo, Palinsesti XX,Palazzo Altan, San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone);
2011: Casa Cavazzini, Udine
2010: Alpe Adria Art, Committee of the Regions (Bruxelles);
2010: IN-DIFESA, Fondazione 107 (Torino);
2009: Colleziona 2010, Galleria Forma (Milano)
2009: Wiesbadener Fototage, Rathaus Wiesbaden (Germany)
2008: Italy 1946–2006 From Reconstruction to the New Millennium – CRAF Spilimbergo, Russian Capitals
2008: arteopenduemilaotto possible itineraries, Multimedia Space (Staranzano, Gorizia)
2008: CastrumFoto, Pilonova Galerija (Ajdovščina)
2008: Photography Biennial (Alessandria)
2007: Passages, paths through art, Castle (Gorizia)
2007: Twelve photographs of Friuli Venezia Giulia, CRAF (Meduno)
2006: In hoc signo, The Treasure of the Crosses (Pordenone)
2005: Galerie Altes Rathaus (Inzlingen, Germany)
2005: Mogliano photography, 3rd edition (Mogliano)
2005: Losing your head, Lattuada Contemporary Art Studio (Milan)
2004: The perfumed body, Marghera photography (Marghera)
2003: BPhotographic Presence, Galleria Teardo (Pordenone)
2002: Cogito ergo sum?, Marghera Photography (Marghera – Venice)
2001: Investigation into the present, Fotomesiac, Zilina Museum of Contemporary Art (Bratislava, Slovakia)
2001: “Federico Vender” Award (Arco)
2001: Will art save the world?, Centro Polifunzionale (Latisana)
2000: Different identities, Friuli Venezia Giulia Cultural Consortia Co-operative (Cormòns)
1998: Photographic works, Artestudio Clocchiatti (Udine)
1997: Friulimmagina, Palazzo Orgnani Martina (Buttrio)
1996: Apparel as a metaphore, Italian Cultural Institute (Hamburg, Germany)
1995: Five photographs from Julia (Solighetto)
1995: Foto Padova (Padova)
1995: Galleria Exit (Gorizia)
1994: Presences, Vittoria Cinema exhibition hall (Gorizia)
1990: Photographs for an exhibition 2, Galleria Sagittaria (Pordenone)