For artists up to 35 years of age
Deadline: 30 April 2020

At Photon Gallery – Centre for Contemporary Photography we have been busy preparing this year’s edition of the Photonic Moments festival for some time. It was set to open mid-June 2020, however, due to the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in amidst the global threat of the Coronavirus, the realization of the festival remains uncertain. We sincerely hope that the situation will improve by June, enough for it to be possible to put on some exhibitions from the festival program open to the public, albeit without the opening and accompanying program of events. With that in mind, we continue to develop a few main projects from the thematic focus of this year’s festival. The focus is dedicated to the European industrial heritage through the prism of photography and related media. This selection of projects also includes the – International photography open-call on the topic of industrial heritage for authors up to 35 years of age.

This open call aims to interrogate the role photography can play in shaping our understanding of the industrial development throughout history, which remains evident in a wide array of manifestations today; from architectural heritage, through the transformation of both urban and rural landscapes, to the local and global ecological ramifications of industrialization. For this reason, we expanded the guidelines of this open-call to include works that not only deal with industrial heritage concerning material historical remains, but encompass works that thematically deal with local traditions as well as personal accounts, and more generally, with the current state of our civilization through the prism of ecology. We wish to emphasize the latter more since the state of the climate and the environment is largely a result of industrialization and its influence it had on the way of life. In this sense we consider ecological effects of industrialization as “industrial heritage” for this open-call.

You can apply to this open-call with works or projects that fall under the following thematic groups:
a) Industrial heritage as architecture (photographs of buildings, their exteriors or interiors, architectural details of buildings, urban transformations etc.).
b) Industrial heritage as environmental and ecological heritage (effected and/or degraded environments, still functionating polluters of the industrial era, ecological ramifications of industrialization etc.).
c) Material industrial heritage (mechanization, machinery, industrial equipment, means of transport etc.).
d) Photography narratives that are connected to industrial heritage in more general ways (photographs of working-class neighborhoods, of former factory workers, unemployed workers etc.).

An international jury will select works by 5 best open-call applicants, which will be exhibited in a group exhibition as a part of the festival programe. Each applicant will be awarded 200€ for the production expenses for their work. The exhibition will be accompanied by a small catalogue and will then travel from Ljubljana to Photon Gallery in Vienna and to other partner exhibition spaces. If the realization of the exhibition will be hindered or impossible to execute in the given time frame of the festival, we will:
a) Present the works of the selected authors in their entirety on our website and social media;
b) Postpone the exhibition to a time where its execution will be possible.


The application should include

  • The author’s portfolio of maximum two completed projects or projects in the process, each can include maximum 10 photographs, in the resolution of at least 1,800 pixels on the long side in PDF or JPG format.
  • The description of the projects and the concepts (in English) up to 1,500 characters and defining which open-call categories apply to your project (listed above).
  • A short biography of the applicant.
  • Additional technical specifications: format and dimensions of the works, optimal way of presentation in an exhibition format.

Submission of the application
The complete application should be packed in one zip file and entitled in the following format:

Please send the zip file together using the application form at
If you encounter any issues with submitting your application please contact us at

Submission deadline
The applications should be submitted by 30 April 2020.
The candidates will be informed of the results of the call by 30 May 2020.

Contact information
For additional information contact us at and phone number +386 69 911 615 (Monday to Friday from 12 to 6 pm); contact person: Špela Pipan

Open call in PDF format

Virginia Vrecl, Izola Arrigoni, 2019

Virginia Vrecl, Izola Arrigoni, 2019