Concrete Dreams 2. - The exhibition of the international open-call on the topic of industrial heritage

From July 3 to September 2020


An international jury comprising of Virginia Vrecl, architect and photographer (SLO), David Schreyer, architect and photographer (AUT) and Antonio Živkovič, photographer (SLO), chose project by the following 10 finalists: Lia Forslund & Franek Wardyński, Lin Gerkman, Shiva Khademi, Ema Lančaričová, Nada Maleš, Stefano Martini, Senka Mušić, Mehdi Nazeri Gahkani, Maruša Račič in Lana Stojićević. 


This open call aims to interrogate the role photography can play in shaping our understanding of the industrial development throughout history, which remains evident in a wide array of manifestations today; from architectural heritage, through the transformation of both urban and rural landscapes, to the local and global ecological ramifications of industrialization. For this reason, we expanded the guidelines of this open-call to include works that not only deal with industrial heritage concerning material historical remains, but encompass works that thematically deal with local traditions as well as personal accounts, and more generally, with the current state of our civilization through the prism of ecology. We wish to emphasize the latter more since the state of the climate and the environment is largely a result of industrialization and its influence it had on the way of life. In this sense, we consider ecological effects of industrialization as “industrial heritage” for this open-call.

Eva Petrič: SOUNDeSCAPES - Lullaby for Drones & Marko Lipuš: Surfaces and Scratches

The exhibition will be on display from Thursday, 4 June 2020.
There will be no opening event.

At Photon Gallery we have been juxtaposing two artists in the section entitled “author’s dialogue” for several years now. It is predominantly dedicated to Slovenian photographers from younger and middle generations, however, we also regularly present emerging photographers from former Yugoslavia and Central-East European region. This year, the term “dialogue” is placed in the additional context of the “Year of cultural dialogue” between Slovenia and Austria. Two Slovenian artists who live and work in Vienna, Eva Petrič and Marko Lipuš, will be thus present two independent projects, each in their own space of Photon Gallery.


Eva Petrič: SOUNDeSCAPES – Lullaby for Drones

In the installation SOUNDeSCAPES – Lullaby for Drones, the author wonders whether something consciously imperceptible exists? The author’s purpose is to enable us “to hear the image and to see the sound”. For this purpose, she will use photos from her series Lullaby in various versions and media, as well as sound entitled Lullaby for Drones (Drone Lullaby), which are intended to create sensations of seeing sound and hearing images in space. You can read more about the author and her work here.


Marko Lipuš: Surfaces and sketches

A prominent feature of Lipuš’s artistic approach is that he does not primarily focus on working with the camera, instead, he uses the recorded material to create innovative content and motifs, and with it a new photography aesthetics. This approach has been consistently applied through all his work. The continuation of this method in the series of Surfaces and sketches is represented by the intervention of the already laminated positive/photographic print, which creates new possibilities of presentation in the process. In this way, it breaks the “smoothness” of photography and materiality. He thus directs the photographic image, its outer and inner surface into three-dimensionality and depth. You can read more about the author and his work here.


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