donumenta. 14 x 14 – Photographic Positions

Individual Views – Photographic Positions

24 May – 15 June 2017

Opening: Wednesday, 24 May at 7 pm
Participating artists: Ivan Bazak (UA), Pavel Brăila (MD), Alexandra Croitoru (RO), Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová (SK), István Csákány (HU), Biljana Djurdjević (RS), Igor Grubić (CR), Pravdoliub Ivanov (BG), Magdalena Jetelová (CZ), Julian Palacz (AU), Lazar Pejović (ME), Tadej Pogačar (SI)

Special guest: Christian Schnurer (DE)

Curator: Regina Hellwig-Schmid

The Danube River Region is composed of 14 countries that build a multilayered macro-region in Europe. In total, 26 snapshots from 14 contemporary, internationally renowned sculptors, painters, installation and media artists, as well as a photographer reflect their ideas of the utopia, reality, life experiences, home, and homeland. Their “way of seeing” or perspective through the camera does not only signify the transfer of their respective artistic expression through the means of the camera lens. They also provide and negotiate different ways of looking at their own country of origin.

14 x 14 - Survey of the Danube Region encourages the viewer to become the interpreter when explicating the artwork: you receive an invitation to view the art as a boarder or frame in which one can choose to interpret for example, the Danube region individually, as an European or global reality, or as a vision of sorts where one can meet and reflect on a space or place. In addition, donumenta underscores this concept in “14 x 14” by giving the artists the ability to take responsibility of their messages in order to create new realities. By agreeing with the statement that an artist is embodied in the new work that he/she creates, where open and unbiased views of other people can be understood, questioned and given new light, the macro-region on the Danube presents itself as a huge laboratory where these unique thoughts and actions can take place, develop and flourish.

Regina Hellwig-Schmid curator and artistic director of donumenta, one of the most important and influential cultural actors in the Danube region previously invited these 14 artists to give a personal view exploring their respective countries, their communities and the lives of their fellow citizens by a snapshot with their camera.

Each artist offered two photographs for this exhibition. They will be exhibited next in Cetinje, Montenegro, Osijek, Croatia, Pilsen, Czech Republic and then travel through the remaining countries of the Danube Region non visited yet.