Aftermath. Changing Cultural Landcsape: Tendencies of engaged post-Yugoslav contemporary photography – Vienna

7 November - 23 December 2014
Aftermathis the first regional research and curatorial platform established in order to identify and articulate principal tendencies within the field of contemporary photography in relation to its immediate surrounding. With the participation of partner organisations from throughout the former Yugoslavia, the exhibition displays the results of extensive investigation on the far-reaching effects of large-scale social shifts reflected in the physical and mental environment. Due to its temporal span, Aftermath provides an interesting confrontation of artistic reflections and expressions of various generations that either experienced the period before the disintegration of the common state or originate from a completely new social context.

For the occasion of Eyes-On: Monat der Fotografie in Vienna the exhibition is displayed in two sections,“Insights” at Galerie Photon and “Topographies” at Fotogalerie Wien.
Photon Gallery – Absberggasse 27/9, Ankerbrot Fabrik, 11000, Vienna
Opening: 6 November at 7 pm
Duration: 7 November – 23 December 2014
Andrej Đerković (BiH) / Asrit Ismaili (KOS) / Bojan Salaj (SLO) / Boris Cvjetanović (CRO) / Borko Vukosav (CRO) / Domagoj Blažević (CRO) / Genc Kadriu (KOS) / Ivan Petrović (SER) / Ivan Zupanc (SER) / Jasenko Rasol (CRO) / Lazar Pejović (MNE) / Milena Zarić (SER) / Oliver Musovik (MAK) / Paula Muhr (SER) / Robert Jankuloski (MAK) / Silvestar Kolbas (CRO) / Srđan Kovačević (CRO) / Tomaž Gregorič (SLO) / Viktor Šekularac (SER) / Vojo Radonjić (MNE)
The section of the Aftermath exhibition shown at Photon Gallery presents works containing profound social and political implications. These artists refer to past and present, to modern local mythologies and collective histories in relation to the current socio-political and economic situation in the region. The works explore number of changes that directly concern the inhabitants of former Yugoslav states such as switch in political discourse and economic policy, stratification, modifying local histories and since past 20 years ever-present nationalism and patriotism of once multi-cultural environment.


Fotogalerie Wien - Währinger Strasse 59/WUK, 1090, Vienna
Opening: 10 November at 7 pm
Duration: 11 November – 6 December 2014
Amer Kapetanović (BiH) / Ana Opalić (CRO) / Antonio Živkovič (SLO) / Bojan Mrđenović (CRO) / Borut Krajnc (SLO) / Darije Petković (CRO) / Dejan Vekić (BiH) / Duško Miljanić (MNE) / Goran Micevski (SER) / Majlinda Hoxha (KOS) / Mirjana Stojadinović (SER) / Nenad Malešević (BiH) / Qëndrëse Deda (KOS) / Sandra Vitaljić (CRO) / Vigan Nimani (KOS)
The section of the Aftermath exhibition displayed at Fotogalerie Wien shows photographic works with strong topographic features and analytical approach. These artists are (usually) dedicated to long-term working processes in order to explore their immediate surrounding and its diverse social, cultural and economic phenomena induced by turbulent structural changes in the area of former Yugoslavia. The works display topography of people and places and visible changes in the environment which are reflected in general atmosphere of discontent regarding the collapse of social welfare and lack of perspective.
The Aftermath. Changing Cultural Landscape project was initiated by Photon – Center for Contemporary Photography from Ljubljana in collaboration with partner organisations: Remont (Belgrade), Film&Film (Pula), Contemporary Croatian Photography (Zagreb), National Museum of Montenegro (Cetinje), Collegium Artisticum (Sarajevo), Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art (Prishtina) and C.R.A.F. (Splilimbergo).
Curators: Miha Colner & Dejan Sluga
Associated curators: Mirjana Dabović, Albert Heta & Vala Osmani, Saša Janjić, Ana Opalić & Sandra Vitaljić, Zoran Petrovski and Branka Vujanović.