8th International Festival of Artistic Photography, Athens, Greece

24 May - 9 July 2006

Photon Gallery participated at the 8th International Festival of Artistic Photography that is being organized by the Hellenic Photographic Association (E.F.E.), a member of the European Festival Union, and the Federation Internationale de l’ Art Photographique (F.I.A.P.) during  May and June 2006 in Athens, Greece.

Among other exhibitions, there were presented two exhibitions with the following main thematic topics :

1. Face - Mask

Artists who have created images and in particular photographs early on started to make portraits as a psychoanalytic essay and as an adventure of Existence. In our days the portrait is being presented above all as a landscape of semeiotic references and dramas of Being. We invite photographers to the quest of these important issues and a broader discussion about them.

Curator: Professor Dr Manos Stefanidis, National Gallery of Greece, Curator, Art Critic.

2. Site Spirit ( Genius Loci )

In the interwar years the modernists’ attempts to create an international style in architecture and, by extension, in all the other forms of art, were doomed to failure because they ignored the multifaceted and specific conceptual, semantic and emotional change of each Site. So the postmodernists withdrew the prohibitions imposed by the modernists, they restored History and became receptive to the specificity of its Site, they opened up to the quest of the “spirit” of its Site, to the quest of what the Romans called “Genius loci”.

Photographers are invited to make tangible the hidden meaning of visible “reality” –what is today called “nature” the manmade or known manmade elements which it consists of – they are invited to make visible the hidden and each time different “Genius loci”.

Curator: Professor Dr Nikitas Chiotinis, Director of the Faculty of Graphic Art, and Art Studies of Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens, Greece

Participated artists from Photon Gallery:

  • Marko Jamnik
  • Bozidar Dolenc
  • Urska Boljkovac
  • Aleksander Ostan
  • Bojan Salaj
  • Zeljko Stevanic