Aftermath / Changing Cultural Landscape – hosting in Sarajevo

16 May 2012

FORUM Aftermath:

public presentation of the Aftermath project with lectures and discussions

 The Aftermath / Changing Cultural Landscape international project is the first regional research and curatorial platform established in order to identify and articulate principal tendencies within the field of contemporary photography in relation to its immediate environment. With the participation of partner organisations from throughout the former Yugoslavia, the project represents an extensive investigation of the effect of large-scale social shifts on the image of the physical and mental environment, and thereby, also on the expression of a number of artists who work in the field of fine art photography.

Program of the event:

Lecture on engaged contemporary photography in former Yugoslavia and presentation of the project (by Miha Colner)

Lecture on engaged contemporary photography and art in BiH  (by Branka Vujanović)

Open discussion with Amer Kapetanović, Slobodan Samarđić – Sam and Dejan Vekić (discussing local and regional artistic / photographic practices reflecting changing cultural environment in past 20 years of transition)

Screening: Marija Mojca Pungerčar: Brothehood and Unity (2006)

 First extensive group exhibition, which will gather in a single place the principal protagonists from the field of engaged contemporary photography active in the territory of the former Yugoslavia following its disintegration (1991–2011), will be put on display in National Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana on 31 May 2012.