16 January - 14 February 2014

Photographs 2007-2013, Aleš Gregorič's solo exhibition presents a selection of works from the past couple of years, among them also a number unpublished. Gregorič’s distinctive approach towards staged photography is indicated in the ambiguous relation between narrative, composition, and light. The resulting photographs do not necessarily show the reality but rather induce emotions, which cannot be labelled as imaginary. His images thus mainly deal with phenomena and sentiments regarding the unconscious, the concealed, and the untold.

Following the principles of documentary photography his motifs of urban spaces and cityscapes allude to the void. Though figures can often be spotted in the photographs, the prevailing atmosphere of unease and ominousness is created by a careful selection of the scenes, disproportionate human figures in relation to their surroundings, and muffled hues. Aside from being what is typically regarded as a familiar and safe shelter, a living space can also have alien, eerie and unfathomable undertone. Gregorič's photographs do not show the idealised and iridescent world but rather a world seen through a fuzzy veil alluding to the fact that even in the seeming emptiness something always moves, something invisible to the naked eye or perhaps concealed, but something that exists nonetheless. Certain photographs contain the beginnings of a non-linear narrative that, however, are invariably unfinished and thereby incomplete. His photographic realism verging on the metaphysical could be understood as a metaphor for the unconsciousness, as a surface behind which a profound meaning can be detected, beyond tangible materiality.

Jasna Jernejšek

Aleš Gregorič (1966) is a freelance photographer and cameraman at Slovenian national television who lives and works in Ljubljana. He spent his youth in Kočevje and started to use photography as a creative tool relatively late, after he turned 30, when he bought a medium format camera and began to explore the world of black and white photography, and later colour photography. Gradually he managed to master the photographic medium. His first solo exhibition was held at Gallery Miklova hiša in Ribnica and has participated in number of solo and group exhibitions locally and internationally. He is a multiple winner of the Slovenia Press Photo prize and triple winner of Emzin’s Photo of the Year competition (winning third prize in 1998, second prize in 2000, and first prize in 2004).