Aluminum Biennale of Contemporary Art – Baku (Azerbaijan)

11 December 2009 – 10 January 2010

Photon Gallery is taking part at 4th Baku Biennial of Contemporary Art which represents a meeting point of contemporary art practices from areas of Europe and Central Asia; Following the conceptual framework of current edition of biennial titled Apocalypse or Universal Harmony three artists from Slovenia (Peter Koštrun, Katarina Sadovski, Bojan Salaj) are presented within the curatorial project Heroic Landscapes.

Exhibition project Heroic Landscapes is coming from the existing production of three selected artists of younger generation. The concept is according to the topic of overall Aluminium Biennial - Apocalypse or Universal Harmony - focused on the particular art projects approaching to the, on the first glance, common motifs on specific and distinctive way, generated on the various conceptual starting points. All three artists are depicting desolated, abstract, melancholic landscapes, introduced through the display of emptiness, absence of any figures and activities. The motifs of landscape structures are showing itself through the entrapment in the frozen images as the stationary, dead fact, reminder of the paused time, monumental still life of a certain cultural landscape. Deserted landscapes are questioning the vision of the spectator if this is the coincidence of overall apocalypse or the new harmonious world.