Ana Bilankov: Shadowing the Black Square

4 October till 4 November 2016


Ana Bilankov’s work, in particular that focused on the research of “the geography of memory”, is charged with personal stories and a unique, “migrant” view of the world. Her subject of interest is searching for and discovering new spaces, both physical and psychological. The artist is especially interested in “interspaces”, which she tries to fill by way of exploring and rummaging through the subjective and collective memories. What the exhibited works – created in different periods of the artist’s “displacements” – have in common is dealing with the issue of collective amnesia.

The photographic and video works displayed at the exhibition are: In War and Revolution, where the artist takes a personal story from her family’s history and sets it in a broader socio-political context (Croatia in the 1990s). Connecting memory with the past is further addressed in the video Revolutionary Reality Show that follows group of older people demonstrating with red communist flags. The series of photographs entitled Shadowing the Black Square: Moscow Fragments focuses on the searching for Malevich’s Black Square and identifying parallels between political and artistic revolutions. The video entitled 200 Roubles, featuring the artist in a group of disguised icons of Soviet / Russian history is an absurd combination of nostalgia and post-socialist spectacle. The conclusion of the visual investigation of “the geography of memory” is a series of photographs, entitled Without Title (Berlin Teufelsberg), that the artist took in the former American Secret Service outpost at the top of a man-made hill in Berlin which served for intercepting communications of the adversary.

Ana Bilankov (1968) graduated in Art History and German in Zagreb, Croatia. She studied photography and media art in the UK and Germany, where she also completed her post-graduate studies at the Universität der Künste. She works in the fields of conceptual and experimental video, photography and installation. Her work has won her many awards and residencies. Bilankov’s works have been exhibited in a number of museums and galleries, in particular in Germany and the UK, in the US and at the Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art, among others. She lives and works in Berlin.