Bojan Salaj: Correspondences

2 September – 1 October 2016
Makina Gallery, Pula


The Correspondences exhibition showcases a selection of works by Ljubljana based photographer Bojan Salaj from different periods of his artistic career. He focuses on the dialogues between different works and series of photographs from the past ten years which explore the state of affairs of the contemporary society and its power structures.

Salaj is therefore one of those photographers who are characterized by deep reflection of the meaning and perception of image from different, mainly philosophical viewpoints, while at the same time following the objectivistic principles of photography. Moving away from the traditional postulates of photographic representaion Salaj explores the characteristics of visual language, ontology of photography and at the same time touches on the most pressing questions of contemporary society. In the past 25 years Salaj has mostly been attracted to the here and now; this includes the fundamental problems of representation of photography in mass media, iconography of power structures – be it the state or capital, models of construction of history, and ways of establishing national and cultural identities.
Among others the works such as Interiors (2005), Canary Wharf (2015), Interiors-Correspondences (2014) and 2015: An EU Rhapsody (2015) will be displayed at his solo show in Pula

Bojan Salaj (1964) is a photographer who since the early 1990s continuously creates and exhibits his artistic projects. Since 1994 he is employed as a photographer at the National Gallery in Ljubljana and he is, at the same time, author of numerous photographs from the field Slovenian cultural heritage. He lives and works in Ljubljana.

The exhibition is a result of close collaboration and exchange between Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography from Ljubljana and Makina Gallery from Pula.