Borut Krajnc: Emptiness / Politics

15 – 25 September 2016
PM Gallery, HDLU, Zagreb

Borut Krajnc is one of the most active and critically acclaimed figures on the photography scene in Ljubljana whose work focuses on topical issues from their immediate surroundings. Using both, conceptual and documentary approach, Krajnc explores the close relationship between politics and economy.

Artist and photographer Borut Krajnc continuously reflects micro or macro situations in his immediate surroundings. One of his most comprehensive, ongoing projects is the Emptiness (2004-2008) series of photographs where he documented empty billboards, city-lights and other advertising surfaces, which is quite a rare and absurd situation in a capital-driven world. The photographer has followed, professionally and privately, the more or less evident traces of ideological and social shifts, transition from the old to the new social and political order, the expansion of the free market, the ruthless struggle for dominance and other general consequences of globalisation in his immediate surroundings.
In keeping with his previous work, he recently published the Politics (2012-2014) series of photographs that was shot during the electoral campaign of the current Slovenian president Borut Pahor. The candidate who was determined to win the elections (and he eventually did) decided to get closer to the ordinary people by taking on work in the primary and secondary sectors, ie in the factories and on the fields. Krajnc has documented the charade and revealed ignobly populist gesture of the local political elites who, like all elites across Europe, have openly supported the interests of capital at the expense of the people over the past two decades.

Borut Krajnc (1964) is a documentary photographer and photojournalist at the weekly magazine Mladina, as well as an independent artist who lives and works in Ljubljana.