Branko Lenart in Inés Barrenechea Gallery, Madrid, Spain

13 September - 15 October 2011

Branko Lenart is presented with a series Hand:Work (1975 - 2010) in the gallery for contemporary photography Inés Barrenechea in Madrid, Spain. His solo exhibition is a result of the collaboration between Photon Gallery and the gallery from Madrid, which will be presented in Ljubljana in 2012. Branko Lenart was already presented to Spanish public in the context of MadridFoto fair in May this year!

Photo Series Hand:Work (1975 – 2010) is originating from two different periods of Branko Lenart’s artistic career and it is a testimony of an exceptionally important, central and broad "work in progress" series produced in two separated stages; the first from mid-1970s, whilst the second refers to his post-2002 activity when the concept of artists outright presence in the artwork gained fresh impetus through new ideas.

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Inés Barrenechea gallery.

From 13 September until 15 October 2011.