foto: Antonio Živkovič, Črna dolina
foto: Antonio Živkovič, Črna dolina

Concrete Dreams.

photographing utopias

Opening: 5. 9. 2019


Concrete Dreams project investigates industrial and architectural heritage of former totalitarian systems through photography and video. The main goal of the project is to link digital, information technologies with photography, cultural heritage and architecture in a way to combine expert, aesthetic, educational and professional aspects and add value to all these areas.

On the artistic level, the project will focus on the question how individual visual artists perceive this heritage today and how they use it as a material of their artistic projects. Also, here, the project will lean on a wider platform, basically composed of two parts: there will be a central exhibition of works selected by international and partner’s curators, while the second part is consisting of international open calls, and an extensive accompanying program. That will bring together curators, artists, institutions, organisations and professionals from the visual arts with institutions and organisations from the field of architecture, education as well as regional institutes for cultural heritage.