Goran Bertok: Body, Meat and Other Stories

Goran Bertok''s Body, Meat and Other Stories overview exhibition, bringing together projects and series from the period from 1997 to 2012, will be on show in Kunsthalle Feldbach.

1 March 2013 at 8 pm - Kunsthalle Feldbach

The conceptual framework gives an insight into artistic development of the artist who has been continuously (and consistently) documenting and depicting human body marked by fragility and ephemerality that gradually brought him to the ultimate conclusion – physical death. In early periods he has staged mythological motifs documenting wounded bodies and unconventional sexual practices; without pathos and moralising he has later focused on the mortality of human body; recently he upgraded his body of work by working on the Survivors series of photographs that explores physical and mental traces of ideological violence.

The exhibition juxtaposes photographs and videos from following series: I Would Like to Tell You a Story (1997), From Her to Eternity (1998), Omen (1998), 999 (1999), 23 (2001), Stigmata (2003), The Visitors (2004), Post Mortem (2007-2012), Red (2009) and Survivors (2012).