9 June – 2 July 2010

As a result of collaboration between Photon Gallery (Ljubljana) and Photoport (Bratislava) solo exhibition of latest artistic oeuvre of Slovenian artist Goran Bertokshall be presented in Photoport in Bratislava. Selection of photographic works from the series The Visitors (2004), Post Mortem (2007) and Red (2009) will present the valuable body of work of the artist, who has been over the last twenty years continuously exploring human body, its fragility and ephemerality that finally led him to its utmost end - physical death. Selection of works for the actual exhibition presents his newer creativity in which he is stepping forward in the obsessive recording and staging of human body. After depicting and documenting staged photographic scenes with violated bodies, recording of the unconventional and specific sexual practices, in last six years he has been investigating the depths of dead human body in various contexts. Although Bertok s approach towards mentioned subject matter is entirely subordinated to the final aesthetic of the carefully portrayed corpses his work turned out to be subversive in the current period when death and physical contact with the dead bodies is totally industrialized and moved away from the eyes of the broader public in western world. Death itself and confronting the dead body turned out to be tremendous taboo nowadays and in this sense Goran Bertok is again dealing with frontiers of life and death, boundaries of reality and art work.