Goran Bertok

Goran Bertok: Hunger

Opening: 6 March at 19h.

6. 3. - 24. 4. 2020


Goran Bertok is one of the most visible, but also unconventional and provocative Slovenian photographers. In his artistic career to date, he has continuously devoted much of his attention to the recording and depicting of the human body in all its fragility, vulnerability and transience. Even in his latest series, he is dealing with the transience of the human body. However, this time from a rather different perspective. The tortured, exhausted body is the consequence of the individual’s conscious decision to expose himself to extreme physical and psychological experiences of renouncing food. Bertok compares this experience – the experience of anorexia – to some other extreme experiences and ordeals, that he dealt with in his former series. So the purpose of the project is not “documenting” of anorexia in the sense of a photo-documentary tracing of “the sick” but the questioning about the nature of our physicality itself, our attitude towards our body, the pain and all this through the media of (staged, studio) photography.