GORAN MICEVSKI & IVAN PETROVIĆ: In Dialogue with Photography

12 March - 18 April 2014

Split exhibition In Dialogue with Photography will present recent artistic projects of two of the most significant artists and photographers from Serbia, Goran Micevski and Ivan Petrović, who in a very distinctive way deal with the diverse phenomena in their immediate surroundings.

Goran Micevski and Ivan Petrović detect and deliberate the reality of their cultural and social milieu in very peculiar ways. Micevski documents and (often) constructs seemingly insignificant places and scenes that reflect his intimate relation towards large-scale social and spatial shifts in his hometown Belgrade. In the Belgrade(r) series he commonly refers to art history and local myths. Petrović uses classic postulates of documentary photography in order to create the anthropological topography of his immediate surroundings. With the Nighttime Promenading series he follows the nightlife in small towns in Serbia and therefore reveals his personal view on the reality of contemporary Serbia while his extensive series of photographs titled The Documents displays diverse episodes of his own life over a period of eleven years.

Both artists have a pronounced sociological approach - both are interested in topical social developments, be they local or universal - thus recording seemingly marginal places or phenomena as a way of mirroring socio-political situations, following spatial modifications and tracing ubiquitous reminders of globalisation.
Goran Micevski (1977) is a visual artist who lives and works in Belgrade.

Ivan Petrović (1973) is a photographer, artist, and co-founder of Centre for Photography (Belgrade). He lives and works in Belgrade.