Irregular is the name of a work in progress, a gallery of urban portraits, a journey through the contemporary city, maybe somehow closet to expressionism than to the objective research by Bernd and Hilla Becher.
Irregular is the very choice of subjects, different among them, sometimes recently built projects, other times examples of industrial archaeology or designed by famous names.
More often, simply anonymous.
Irregular is the way to depict the forms, analogically, altering times and spaces, perspectives and symmetries, tones and colourings. Irregular is the interpretation attempt, a process in which the author abandons the original architecture to reach for something different.
An attempt to reflect upon the iconographic reproduction of architecture through photography, in the conviction that such representation is always and inevitably a personal glance by the photographer, no matter how much he seeks to be neutral or objective.

Series Irregular, 2003-2006