Jože Suhadolnik on Eyes On 2010

November 11 – December 1, 2010

Photon Gallery presented on the festival Eyes On – Monat der Fotografie in Vienna with the exhibition: Jože Suhadolnik, NSK XXX. The retrospective NSK – XXX presents a well-arranged survey of the photographic materials Jože Suhadolnik has created over three decades on the subject of the collective NSK. The materials offer the visitor insights into thirty years of this art collective’s work, which introduced the concept of the retrograde to a wide European audience. At the same time, they represent an important segment of Jože Suhadolnik’s creative art, especially in the genres of documentary, portrait, and music and concert photography.
NSK, or New Slovenian Art, is considered the best-known art phenomenon to emerge from Slovenia; from its very outset, its manifestations vary between various groups and individuals, such as Laibach, Irwin, Gledališče Scipion Nasice, Rdeči Pilot, Noordung (and other exhibitions that form part of Dragan Živadinov’s work), Novi kolektivizem, Department of Pure and Practical Philosophy, etc. If NSK’s actions until 1991 triggered sudden repressive impulses in those in power, it has become even more international in independent Slovenia; at the same time, it is primarily, even “exclusively” devoted to artistic creation. Nowadays, particular groups and individuals from NSK are still held together by their roots in shared ideological-aesthetic platforms, but in their creative work they have for some time been entirely autonomous and independent. In today’s art world and in the context of art history, Laibach, Irwin, and Dragan Živadinov represent a high-ranking brand whose value will probably keep growing over time.

November 11 – December 1, 2010; SKZ Korotan Vienna