Manal Bin Amro

29. julij. - 20. avgust 2010

Samostojna razstava foto umetnice iz Združenih Arabskih Emiratov

Manal Bin Amro je bila rojena leta 1978 v Abu Dhabiju, kjer je študirala na UAE University fotografijo in grafično oblikovanje. Avtorica v polje fotografije vnaša specifično občutje arabske tradicije in kulture.

“Manal Bin Amro creates a figure which, to our eyes, appears to be endowed with a linear circularity, possibly with an inexhaustible source of visibility; however, we get the impression that this procession of figures, objects and elements is identical with that which repeats itself eternally. She s very spontaneous and her work emphasizes the interplay between people and what s around us in every day life. Reality, or rather the visibility of these photographs, is a consequence of an artistic technique of representation, providing the viewer with form an figure for contemplation. We become part of the process that discloses the dynamics of creating visibility, of moving towards and way from the sphere of the possible, and of approaching the moment and a space in which everything is suspended. In her creative act Manal Bin Amro piles up and multiplies different forms without discarding the figure which, to use philosopher Ranciere s words, can be referred as a ”democratization of the strategies of representation” with a particular emphasis placed on the multidimensional nature of time. Doing so, she forges a whole new set of connections between form an content. These connections - the result of an artist’s effort to confine images within defined spatial frames – are indicative of intimate correlations between particular elements that Manal Bin Amro masters in her photography.”

(Paolo Sturiale)