Marko Lipuš at the Month of Photography 2011 in Bratislava

4 November - 2 December 2011

Marko Lipuš takes part at the 19th Month of Photography 2011 in Bratislava. His exhibition with the title To express more than the camera can expose presents the series "Scratches – Real Model Figures" and is shown in the Gallery of the Slovene Embassy in the capital of Slovakia. Exhibition is organized by Photon - Centre for Contemporary Photography  and curated by Dejan Sluga (program manager at Photon) who also participates at the Month of Photography as aprofessional evaluator of artists' portfolios.
The Bratislava Month of Photography links photography professionals, magazine editors, museum curators, gallery owners, representatives of photography agencies, collectors and publishers from all around the world. A very important part of the program is the “portfolio review”, where experts meet with photographers, review their work and find new names for their networks. This opportunity is significant for the artists since the reviewers are able to bring their works to the professional market. The Bratislava Festival is a member of the European Month of Photography, and last year the Ljubljana Festival Photonic Moments, which is produced by Photon since 2005, also joined the association.

The exhibition will be open from 4 November to 2 December 2011.
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