Useless Best Wishes

“In preparation for her Useless Best Wishes series, Fabricius asked her foreign friends and acquaintances to send her for her 30th birthday, instead of the usual useless best wishes – like “all the best”, or “good luck” phrases - , charms that have magic powers and help predict disasters or fend them off. The captions to the photographs in this series, hence, do not say explicitly what they are referring to (perhaps for some magical reason), but only name the act or situation that is to be avoided: “Seeing more than six foxes that cross our path”, “Eating pumpkin and sturgeon at the same time”, or “Leaving clothes out on a line between two holidays”. These notions are also part of the old common belief, or tradition, which we have for the most part dismissed as superstition. “

Judit Csatlós, culture anthropologist