Opening of Galerie Photon in Vienna with an exhibition by Mark Lipuš

14. 6. – 19. 7. 2013

In 2011 the Photon Association formally extended its activities to the Austrian space by registering a new organization in Vienna -Verein Photon Wien. In the first phase, we have intensified our presence and extented cooperations with local partners. In the second phase, with the opening of the permanent exhibition space, we are stepping in to competition with other providers of programs and contents in the field of contemporary visual art.

At the opening exhibition in the Galerie Photon we'll present Mark Lipuš series TACTICS.  It is about a peculiar thematisation of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, alluding to the code of "proper behavior" of U.S. troops stemming from a secret U.S. military documents, as described and published on the WikiLeaks. Portrayed soldiers are presented as depersonalized members of the social system of the imperial state, while also ironic, as  Lipuš this time portrayed only plastic figurines. With the series Tactics Marko Lipuš continueswitty exploration of the portrait genre, while maintaining his distinctive formal approach with so called "Kratzungen".

The project was first introduced at the festival in Bratislava and will be premiered in the Galerie Photon for the Vienna audience.

Exhibition open: 14. 6. – 19. 7. 2013