Pankrti: Nothing’s Moving on Croatian tour

5 May 2017, 3 PM
MMC - multimedia centre, Rovinj, Croatia - Rovinj Photodays festival

10 June - 10 July
Museum of Contemporary Art, MSU Zagreb, Croatia

In 2017 the legendary Slovenian music group Pankrti celebrates their 40th anniversary. This is a group whose impact greatly surpasses the musical dimension. Pankrti have left a permanent mark amongst the crowds of young people in Yugoslavia and have also had a tremendous effect on the so-called “Slovenian spring”. As far as the punk movement in our former country is concerned, Pankrti easily take the lead; they were creating concurrently with the English scene, an act followed by only a few at that time in Europe. Pankrti stand at the cornerstone of the culturally-musical and politically-historical reality of an important era in newer Slovenian and European history and that is why we can consider them to be a relevant phenomena of this time. The core of this exhibition, prepared by Photon Gallery, is shown in the selection of photographic material, mainly by Vojko Flegar, Janez Bogataj and Tone Stojko. Siniša Lopojda, Tomaž Skale, Božidar Dolenc, Dragan Arrigler, Stanislav Milojković, Željko Jelenski and others also contributed a part of the exhibition with their respective works.