PANKRTI – touring of the exhibition

August 2008 - February 2009

In October 2007 the legendary Slovenian music group Pankrti celebrated their 30th anniversary. This is a group whose impact greatly surpasses the musical dimension. Pankrti have left a permanent mark amongst the crowds of young people in Yugoslavia and have also had a tremendous effect on the so-called “Slovenian spring”. As far as the punk movement in our former country is concerned, Pankrti easily take the lead; they were creating concurrently with the English scene, an act followed by only a few at that time in Europe. Pankrti stand at the cornerstone of the culturally-musical and politicallyhistorical reality of an important era in newer Slovenian and European history and that is why we can consider them to be a relevant phenomena of this time!

When on October 18th 1977 the amplifiers started to roar at the Moste High School and the singer Peter Lovšin alias Perči Gnus (Petey Foul) yelled: “Hey you lot! I don’t want any pricks in here!” it was clear that Slovenia received a band that would radically break off the rock practise of that day. Shortly after their formation a new scene originated not just in Slovenia but also in other places all over Yugoslavia (Belgrade, Zagreb, Pula,…). Apart from the music groups this scene was also defined by the appearance of new concert areas, clubs, media, clothing styles etc. One part of the photographic and documentary material at the exhibition also illustrates this broader aspect.

The core of this exhibition prepared by Photon Gallery is shown in the selection of photographic material, mainly taken from the opuses of Vojko Flegar, Janez Bogataj and Tone Stojko. Siniša Lopojda, Tomaž Skale, Božidar Dolenc, Dragan Arrigler, Stanislav Milojković, Željko Jelenski and others are also a part of the exhibition with their respective works. We have also exhibited a range of documentation and artefacts contributed by Pankrti group members (Peter Lovšin, Bogo Pretnar, Grega Tomc). This exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue containing texts written by a music critic and the group’s co-traveller Branko Kostelnik (Zagreb), a member of Pankrti and the established sociologist Gregor Tomc Ph. D. and the acknowledged younger generation critic Igor Bašin. A programme of film and video material projections with guidance will be held all through the exhibition at the National Museum of Contemporary History.

Touring of the exhibition abroad:

- August 2008, SKC - Studentski kulturni centar, Belgrade, Serbia

- 10 September - 30 September 2008, KIC - Kulturno informativni centar - Zagreb, Croatia

- 9 December - February 2009, Europa Zentrum Graz, Austria