Photon Gallery is again exhibiting at the renowned international photography art fair Photo Basel. 

From 11 to 16 June.

Photon Gallery invites you to visit our booth at Photo Basel, one of the most renowned international fairs dedicated to art photography. The fair is located in the center of the city at Volkshaus Basel.

Photon Gallery is also showing a selection of photography books at the booth. We are especially proud to present a book by Rudolf Sikora: Sám s fotografiou / Alone With Photography and by Branko Lenart: Handwok.


Presented artists:

Branko Lenart

Branko Lenart is an internationally renowned photographer born in 1948 in Ptuj, Slovenia. He emigrated with his family in 1954 to Graz, Austria. In 1968 he became a member of the avant-garde art society Forum Stadtpark, Graz. From 1972 – 1978 he studied pedagogy in Graz. He is a founding member and was chairman (1994 – 2007) of the cultural society Artikel-7 for Austrian Styrians/The Pavel House. He has been teaching photography at the College of Art and Design (1979 – 2007) and at the Technical College (1996 – 2003) in Graz. Since 1968 he has taken part in many groups and individual exhibitions in Europe and North America. Photon Gallery is exhibiting his works from the series Handwork at the fair.

Marko Lipuš

 Marko Lipuš is an Austrian photographer of Slovenian heritage. He was born on 26 July 1974 in Eisenkappel, in Austria. He graduated from Photography at FAMU, in Prague in 1999, and became an official Photographer at the Art History Museum (Kunsthistorisches Museum) in Vienna. Between 2000 and 2002 he lived and worked in London and Milan. He has been living and working as an independent photographer in Vienna. He received numerous awards for his work such as: St. Leopold Peace Prize for Art, Austria (2010); OPUS Photography Award (Jury Recognition Award), Germany (2011); Bank Austria Art Award for his series Babica, Austria (2015), and again the Bank Austria Art Award for his series Scratchings Blue, Austria(2018). Photon Gallery is exhibiting his works from the series 26 Kratzungen at the fair.

Rudolf Sikora

 He has been one of the most original figures of Slovak visual art since the early 1970s, during the Normalisation period he was active in the unofficial art scene. He emerged from his own synthesis of the “new sensibility” and conceptual thinking and later enriched it with post-Modernist inspirations. He was one of the first artists in Europe to deal with the theme of global-civilization and the ecological threat to the world. Sikora built his own way of metaphorical thinking on the use of diagrams, texts, exclamation marks, and work with photography or photomontage. Photon Gallery is exhibiting his works from the series Alone with Photography at the fair.

Bálint Szombathy

Bálint Szombathy, a conceptual artist born in Vojvodina in the former Yugoslavia (1950), is one of the key names of the former Yugoslav as well as Hungarian art. His practice included a wide range of artistic activities, from visual poetry, processual art, land art, and performance, to conceptual art. Quite early on, he drew attention to his performances, such as The Trails (Subotica, 1970), or the photo performance Bauhaus (Novi Sad, 1971), while becoming particularly renowned for addressing the topic of socialist reality in projects such as Lenin in Budapest(1972), when after the end of the May Day celebrations, he provocatively carried Lenin’s portrait along the streets of the Hungarian capital. In 1969, he and Slavko Matković founded the Bosch + Bosch group, which represented a platform of neo-avant-garde artists from Vojvodina, Serbia, and Hungary. Photon Gallery is exhibiting his works from the series Motion – pictures. Telephotographs, 1980-82 at the fair.


Photon Gallery

Photon Gallery was founded in 2003 to present and promote photo artists from the CEE region and beyond. Since then it regularly showcases works by established artists as well as young emerging photographers. It also organises a contemporary photography festival called Photonic Moments – Month of Photography in Ljubljana. Dedicated to the medium, it remains a leader in the presentation of photography in all its forms, and functions as a centre for contemporary photography in Slovenia.