1 September 2008

Triestèfotografia Festival in 2008 is being held for the fourth time. Colleagues from Trieste, which operate under the auspices of the Institute Juliet (They also publish a magazine for the art of the same name), wish to present at the annual event, especially contemporary photographic creation in Italy and neighboring countries. After a series of personal meetings and the total project realized in Udine, was ambitiously conceived concluded agreement between the Photon Gallery, Month of Photography festival and Juliet Institute on Cooperation in the coming years. The result of this agreement is Trieste invited colleagues to take over the organization Photon gallery and a selection of three exhibitions in this year''s festival Triestèfotografia.

First, we will open an exhibition project Prehajanja / Transitions (Branko Cvetković, Thomas Gregory, Bojan Salaj), which deals with the relations of the various layers of the urban city of Ljubljana. Originally it was made in Vienna Month of Photography in 2006, and last year at the Festival Month of Photography in the City Museum of Ljubljana. On this occasion, was released in a special catalog. Opening of the exhibition in the National Gallery will be home in Trieste at the opening ceremony, on 1 September at 7.00 PM. Next will be the presentation of three Slovenian artists in the lobby of the Slovenian National Theatre in Trieste. Exhibiting: Rajko Bizjak, Joze Suhadolnik and Antonio. Opening of the 6th September.

As the last in a series of Photon Gallery tours on Triestèfotografia will be presented Photonic Moments 2007 - Salon of contemporary photography from South Eastern Europe. Opening of the 12th September in the complex of baths Bruno Bianchi.

More at: http://www.triestefotografia.net/