Photonic Moments IV. touring in 2009 - Graz, Austria and Belgrade, Serbia (03.17. - 03.30. 2009 - Magacin u kraljeviča Marka (Porartorg) Beograd)

PHOTONIC MOMENTS, a Salon of Contemporary Photography, is an annual exhibition of young and emerging artists from Middle and Southeastern European region, taking place for the fourth time in Ljubljana. This year we gathered artists from 6 countries (Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia and Turkey) based on the selection of local experts and curators. This year, PHOTONIC MOMENTS has again the status as the official exhibition of the Month of Photography Festival, which opens in Cankarjev dom Cultural Center on October 22.

As a representative exhibition of this festival, PHOTONIC MOMENTS will be hosted throughout Europe next year. We hope that with projects like PHOTONIC MOMENTS and Month of Photography Festival we can achieve greater public awareness and investments of more funds into contemporary creative photography, both in the public as well as in the private sector. With the expansion of this event into the international dimension, we wish to increase the possibility of the promotion of artists from these regions in the international photography scene.

Artists: Maša Bajc, Mania Benissi, Primož Bizjak, Vanja Bučan, Ektor Dimissianos, diSTRUKTURA, Marko Ercegović, Angelos Gavrias, Nilbar Güres, Peter Herendi, Gabor Kerekes, Ivan Petrović, Valentino Bilić Prcić, Katarina Radović, Aniko Robitz, Erinç Seymen, Špela Volčič, Ivan Zupanc.

Selectors: Gulsen Bal (Turkey), Saša Janjić (Serbia), Hercules Papaioannou (Greece), Balint Szombathy (Hungary), Sandra Vitaljić (Croatia), Miha Colner & Dejan Sluga (Slovenia).