Fly-Posting Prohibited: The Story of Buldožer

8 - 20 March 2016
Galerija / Dom omladine Beograda

An overview exhibition marking the fortieth anniversary of the foundation of Buldožer, one of the first rock groups in Yugoslavia, and the release of its debut album Pljuni istini u oči in December 1975.

Buldožer has been seen as one of the most distinctive and authentic cultural phenomena in Slovenia and former Yugoslavia. It represented ultimate deviation from the conventions of popular and rock music of that period. The exhibition will focus on the visual aspect of the group and will display documentary and staged (theatrical) photographs, video footages and graphic works such as record covers and posters which significantly shaped their entire identity.

The exhibition will display works of number of photographers: Igor Antič, Janez Bogataj, Vojko Flegar, Jure Jančič, Zvone Kukec, Tomaž Lunder, Miro Mele, A. Milačić, Marjan Paternoster, Matjaž Prešeren, Goran Pavelić Pipo, Željko Stojanović, Tone Stojko, etc.