30 August - 23 September 2011

Photon Gallery presents solo exhibition of Rajko Bizjak, one of the most renowned and established photo artists in Slovenia, who will show his new photographic series.

After the conceptual abduction into the spheres of depicting universal human body on its micro-level, this time he is returning to his distinctive and obsessive visual examination of female body with the apparent erotic connotations. In his new project, through the visual and semantic reading of sexual organs, the artist is playing with a metaphor of fertility as universal beginning and the end of one's life cycle.

The pussy, the primordial origin of the world and the meaning of my life! It is so different from everything rational and practical, from the order and organisation of the world around us. I am astonished by it, the same as I am astonished by the beauty of the ass, although actually, rather than being astonished by the ass, I kind of admire it more. Both the ass and the pussy are enticing, they are an ode to life, but compared to the butt, the pussy is somewhat less benevolent. It could be scary – and it is! It is an invitation, a promise, a mystery and the inconceivable; it is that beauty which might in an instant transform itself into a horror (the ass, more or less, is always the same, it can't surprise, it doesn’t reveal anything which isn’t visible at first sight). On the other hand, when closed, the pussy is always an enigma and a surprise, and only when it opens up is her true hidden essence unveiled. It does surprise: withheld and bashful, latent at first, then it wakes up, sprouts, blossoms, bursts into leaves like a flower or a carnivorous plant – in full blossom, swollen and mellowed. I admire and worship it: as a pussy, a cunt, a Great and Holly Cunt, as an ancient deity. It has such a power that we pretend – in all possible ways – for most of our so-called normal lives, that it doesn’t exist at all.  We meet people, talk to them or watch those addressing us from the tribunes, the pulpits and the screens – and it feels like all this talking, this earnestness, these polite manners and this simpering, have nothing but one objective: to make us believe there is no pussy.

Goran Bertok

30 August - 23 September 2011.