Christiane Peschek & Markus Guschelbauer
Opening: 19. 10. 2018 at 7 PM
19. 10. - 13. 11. 2018

In their first joint exhibition entitled Romantology, artists Christiane Peschek and Markus Guschelbauer are concerned with the analysis and definition of romantic landscape depictions. While Guschelbauer creates a staging and spatial approach to the real site already in the production phase, and thus defines the content and size of his pictures, Peschek concentrates on the virtualization of real landscape structures. The landscape is decomposed, reassembled, translated into text, or even into total abstraction. Using different means and approaches, both artists conceive and capture the constructed nature. The aesthetic components of the landscape are being measured and the beauty of landscape representation is being reflected in a contemporary context and given a new sphere of influence.

Curated by Dejan Sluga
In collaboration with Austrian Kultur Forum


Photos from the opening