Art Market Budapest / Art Photo Budapest

12 – 16 October 2016
Millenaris Centre, Budapest

This year again Photon will be among the exhibitors at Art Market Budapest with its parallel fair Art Photo Budapest where Photon Gallery plays special role of a partner while Dejan Sluga, director of Photon, is additionally engaged as a programme adviser of the fair.

During the five-day event works of three Slovenian photographers, Rajko Bizjak, Peter Koštrun and Andrej Lamut, will be displayed at the Photon’s booth following the curatorial concept Internal Landscapes. These photographers and artists who belong to different generations and use different creative methods all apply strong expressive as well as experimental approach to photography which surpasses technical, formal and conceptual conventions of the medium. Therefore, their works reflect internal imaginary world that often exceeds unambiguous and rational explanations.
Photon is taking part in the fair also with its gallery in Vienna which showcases the works of three Hungarian artists: Anikó Robitz, Bálint Szombathy and Károly Minyó Szert. All these artists will be appropriately presented on the expanded Photon's booth also with books and catalogues.