Vanja Bučan: Imaginary Ecologies in Bratislava

Open until 29 November 2019 at Ventúrska 267/5 in the center Bratislava, as a part of the European Month of Photography festival.

Vanja Bučan is an internationally renowned Slovenian photographer, who lives and works in Berlin. In her signature artistic style, she alters her own photographs and places them in staged compositions in order to achieve deconstructed and multifaceted realities that generate a visually rich expression, which verges on fiction.

The exhibition Imaginary Ecologies presents two of her remarkable series, Sequences of Truth and Deception and Looking for Sadiq, which at their core put forth the concept of the relationship between humans and nature that is interpreted by the author as co-dependent and manipulative. In her work, the latter is conveyed through visual metaphors that serve as a tool for expressing broader societal issues and also give the photographs a surrealist dimension. Both of the aforementioned series thus evoke several interpretations, which are contingent on varied sensibilities and individual experiences of the members of the audience.

You can read more about the exhibition here.

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