Primož Zorko

Street Gallery – Primož Zorko: I Won’t Complain

TAM – TAM’s Street Gallery is presenting an exhibition by Primož Zorko: I Won’t Complain in co-production with Photon Gallery.
Opening on Tuesday 4 June 20119 at 5 pm at Vegova street in Ljubljana.

In collaboration with TAM-TAM’s Street Gallery, Photon is  presenting photographic work by Primož Zorko, (1983), an independent artist, photographer and designer working in both commercial and artistic spheres. He currently lives and works in Ljubljana.

 I Won’t Complain

Both Primoz Zorko’s life and artistic practice are significantly defined by his passion for surfing. He is often faced with the desire for surfing and the ocean, which are often unavailable to him due to the geographic location of his home city. His surfing experience is therefore often indirect – either online in the form of algorithms and visual representations of wave forecasts, subconsciously in a form of dreams or sometimes through substitutes he finds at home or that he creates in order to bare with the deprivation. The longer it lasts, the more frequent his dreams become. The real experience of surfing is slowly reduced to memory and to the subconscious. Something that started off as pleasant remembering gradually progresses into nightmares as the time passes.

The project I Won’t Complain is about love and passion, permeating every level of one’s existence. This is experienced in the duality between joy and pain, heaven and hell and day and night, as oneness.

And although I don’t understand my dreams,
I know somewhere, there is hope, there’s hope,
 there is hope.

Benjamin Celmentine, I Won’t Complain, 2015.



Primož Zorko