Velika depresija

"Project Great Depression 1912-13 is a documentary photography project where in wet plate technique I’m documenting state of a bankrupt companies with an emphasize on things that people left behind after they have been working there for decades. Why the title Great Depression 1912-13? The old bellow camera and wet plate technique is perfect to embed in pictures emotional detachment from the event. My aim is to make a picture series that would look old, ancient, as a document of an event that happened long, long time ago. I want that viewers will get the feeling that this sort of events are part of history and since then society has learned the lesson and this sort of things cannot happen again. Of course in my picture series Great Recession 1912-13 I’m not hiding that this pictures are contemporary, just the opposite. I’m emphasizing the tension between the title and aesthetic elements on one side and documentary features on the other side."