Photon gallery is presenting Stane Jagodič & Klavdij Sluban at Fotofever 2018.

We will also present the books by Rudolf Sikora and Marko Lipuš.

Sluban's "Divagation – on the footsteps of Basho" is a peregrination inspired by the travels Bashô made during the 17th century through the feudal Japan. While Bashô is well-known for his haïkus of which he is the undisputed master, his travel diaries are also considered as classics. Klavdij Sluban created new amazing project while  travelling in the 21st century Japan with a 17th century poet in mind...


Opens on Thursday 8 November at 6 pm at the Caroussel du Louvre (invitations only).
Public opening on 9 November from 11 am.

Visit us at the booth 207 until Sunday 11 November.


Photos of Photon's presentation