‘Bout Time – FOTO VIST 2019

Opening on Tuesday, 10 December at 7 pm.

Open from 11 December 2019 to 17 January 2020.


‘Bout Time - FOTO VIST 2019 is a biannual photography festival, which in this edition also marks a 10 year anniversary of the Department for Photography at the VIST school. It is composed of 4 different exhibitions which thematically touch upon the concept of time in various photography practices ranging from artistic, to documentary and from fashion to commercial photography. Besides the exhibition at the Photon Gallery in Ljubljana, other segments of the biannual will be held in Kranj and Velenje.

The main exhibition at the Photon Gallery is introducing a retrospective of works featuring various artistic positions, visual interpretations, approaches and techniques (in artistic, documentary, reportage and fashion photography). The exhibited selection of works is centered around the concept of the dematerialization of photographs in the digital age, and around the revival of vintage photography techniques.

Content-wise the works chosen for the ‘About Time exhibition continuously meander between the private and the public sphere, as well as between personal and factual aspects of photography, between the real and the imaginary, present or create constructs and likewise their deconstruction. Furthermore, the selected works focus on intimate expressions, on (auto)biographical narratives, they deal with the ontology of the medium of photography and also on the construction of imaginary worlds. The exhibition will include works that deal with either the banal of everyday life, personal obsessions or socially orientated narratives and commentary in a conceptual way. The exhibition thus collectively presents a selection of works that systematically make a record of the space and time in which they were created, in addition to the societal phenomena of a specific era.

Text author: PHOTO VIST